• Persian as a Heritage Language


    My name is Morvarid Talebi and this project is entitled "Persian as a Heritage Language: Facilities and Challenges of Teaching and Learning Persian in the United States". This project is my doctoral dissertation in the field of linguistics (teaching Persian to non-Persian speakers). Since I am interested in how Iranian children living in the United States learn the Persian language, I chose this subject for my dissertation.

    Iranian children in the US must take weekend courses or travel long distances to learn the Persian language. Most of them have no access to appropriate educational content or professional teachers. I have conducted a needs analysis of Iranian children and their families in the United States. Subsequently, online educational content will be developed, which will be free of charge for all the participants in this project.

    Research implementation stages:

    1. Children and parents fill out questionnaires on an anonymous basis.  In total, children will respond to 6 questionnaires and parents to 4 questionnaires.

    2. Data analysis on questionnaires.

    3. Lesson design (lessons will be designed based on questionnaire data and will be posted at www.heritagepersian.com).

    4. After the students take an online test to determine their Persian language level, they will be able to join an online course. At the end of the course, there will be a final test to evaluate students’ progress.

    5. Children who participate in this research can use the upcoming tutorials at www.heritagepersian.com free of charge.

    Thank you for your cooperation!